Training Basic Knowledge Oil & Gas yet again a success in 2015/2016


According to our client Fabricom Offshore Services, for which we provide the Basic Knowledge Oil & Gas training. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all participants with obtaining the certificate Basic Knowledge Oil & Gas Industry in 2016!

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News item on the Fabricom website:

In 2011 after an OpperCap audit among maintenance personnel, Fabricom Offshore Services decided that general process knowledge of some employees could be increased to an even higher level. Fabricom Offshore Services decided a tailor made training programme was the right and necessary tool to help personnel to achieve a higher standard. Together with Advisafe Risk Management, a well-known HSEQ management consultancy agency in the oil & gas industries, a Basic Knowledge Oil & Gas training programme was developed. This tailor made training consisted of two modules. An E-learning module followed by a three-day practical module with exams and case studies. In 2012 this training successfully resulted in achieving the high standard Total E&P Nederland BV practices by all participating Fabricom Offshore Services maintenance employees.

Because of the positive results achieved in 2012 and the large amount of new employees, Fabricom Offshore Services repeated the Basic Knowledge Oil & Gas training programme again in 2015. Again, Advisafe Risk Management was asked to organise the training and managed to fill four classrooms with students. November 2015 all new students started the E-learning module and the training ended with the three day practical module. These last three days of practice training took place in the offices of AdviSafe Risk Management in Den Helder. The third and last day consisted of case studies and exams. André Wijers and Marc Bruin were present as representatives of Fabricom Offshore Services during the presentations of the case studies.

With this tailor made training, Fabricom Offshore Services distinguishes itself from other Service providers in the Oil and Gas industries. Like no other, Fabricom Offshore Services understands and recognises the importance of up-to date knowledge and skills, especially in our ever changing environment where safety is of the utmost importance. Therefore not just with words but also with our actions we do all that is possible to stay up to speed with all aspects of the upstream segments of the Oil, Gas and renewable energy markets.

Fabricom Offshore Services B.V. thanks all employees for their commitment and congratulates all students on their outstanding achievements.