The Safety Culture Ladder as standard for safety culture

Starting the 1st. of July 2016 NEN in Delft took over the ProRail Safety Ladder. NEN will redesign this Ladder, which was developed as a culture ladder specifically for rail contractors,  as a national standard for the entire Dutch industry. Large clients in The Netherlands, amongst which, next to ProRail, also Tennet, Alliander and Gasunie, will use this new standard as a stimulant of safety management for their contractors.

AdviSafe anticipated on this development by creating a complete support program. This program offers advice, training and the possibility to assess organizations against the criteria of this new standard.

The program consists of the following elements.


For a number of years AdviSafe has offered her clients support in the development and maintenance of safety culture. We offer general workshops on the topic of culture and how to measure or develop it, together with companies we investigate to which level the safety culture has been development by means of audit, assessment and interviews, and provide advice on which steps to take to further develop and maintain this culture.

Audit, assessment

The auditing of safety culture levels can be performed in many ways. A very detailed survey (by means of a ‘safety’ app) or an assessment at a moment in time (by means of a safety assessment questionnaire) are examples of measuring instruments that visualize safety behaviour against objective criteria.

AdviSafe could also perform a so-called expert judgement audit in the process of self-assessment and an action plan to improve the situation.

Examples of measuring tools:

  • H&M culture assessment
  • Balance monitor®
  • Tripod Delta®
  • TNO Safety @ Core Business®
  • Safety Changer Safety Assessment Questionnaire®


Based upon on experience we have developed the following training portfolio:


  • Knowledge of standard – introduction, auditing and masterclass
  • Masterclass to work with the Safety Culture Ladder


  • Safety Leadership – directors and management (in-company and/or open training)
  • TORC Serious Game® – directors and management (in-company)
  • Workplace observation, Safety dialog, Competence management – management and supervisors
  • Incident investigation and analysis, Dealing with violations, Risk assessment – Supervisors and operational staff
  • Risk spotting, Task risk analysis, Workplace control – (non) operational staff

Safety communication – all organizational levels.

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