Risk Management Software Tools

Logo AdviSafe signatureAll software tools that are daily used by our consultants are available for our customers. On different HSE disciplines, AdviSafe has longstanding experience in working with the best of breed products available in the world.

AdviSafe is not actively involved with software development. This places us in an independent position to provide optimal advice regarding the best possible software solution available. Next to software products, AdviSafe offers a range of online surveys that enable our customers to quickly diagnose and analyse their current HSE performance and safety culture level. We provide a full range of services around these surveys from initial set-up and customization to the development of recommendations.

In general, we believe that software and surveys can be seen as an aid rather than a complete solution within Risk Management. Therefore, we would like to stress the importance of training and implementation support on any software product. This ensures an optimal rate of return on your ICT investments in risk management with a focus on realizing an optimal level of end user and functionality adoption. AdviSafe offers a wide range of related training, implementation and support services for each available product.

Overview of software portfolio:

QHSE Risk Management

BowTie XP is a technically advanced yet easy to use tool to facilitate the creation of risk assessments. The bowtie diagram is a powerful visual presentation of the risk assessment process that is readily understood by the non-specialist. The tool has been built to allow use in a wide range of hazard analysis scenarios such as HAZOPS and for any type of risk in any type of industry. BowTie XP software facilitates fast, cost effect risk assessments.

Incident Investigation & Analysis

Dependent on your specific needs and requirements, AdviSafe offers a range of applications that facilitate the process of incident investigation & analysis. The various tools have different strengths and advantages, depending on the scope and focus of your incident investigation process. Through our portfolio, AdviSafe can match your choice of investigation tool to the complexity, severity and importance of your incident investigation.

For each software application, AdviSafe offers a staged approach for complementary implementation and support services:

  • Stage 1: preparation & training;
  • Stage 2: joint investigations;
  • Stage 3: coaching & support;

Stage 4: self sufficient II&A organization.

Safety Culture & Behaviour

We offer different online web survey formats that enable you to measure your safety performance and culture. Each survey can also be utilized to perform a benchmark within your organisation and identify relative strengths and weaknesses within your HSE management system.

The range of surveys we offer cover:

  • Understanding Your Culture: assesses your organisations position on the safety culture ladder;
  • Balance Dashboard: provides insights in your organisations strategic, tactical and operational safety performance;
  • Tripod Delta: AdviSafe can also facilitate a range of workshops and feedback sessions in order to discuss the analyses and findings generated by the selected survey.

Software solutions available through AdviSafe:

SIM® (Simple Incident analysis method)

SIM is a SIMPLE method for investigation of the causation of incident with a potential of slight injury or damage only. SIM registers structured investigations conducted by non-expert investigators.


Provides a Tripod questionnaire-based tool that guides investigators during an accident investigation. TRACK enables a high quality Tripod investigation process.

Tripod Beta & Investigator 3

The leading expert incident investigation & analysis tool. Focus lies on identification of latent failures in the risk management system rather than an exploration of immediate causes.


Enables the integration of investigation results into existing risk assessments allows true learning from incidents.

Skills XP

SkillsXP is a software-based solution for managing personnel information, training & competencies.

Skills XP

SkillsXP is a software-based solution for managing personnel information, training & competencies.

Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds is a toolkit intended to help organisations to improve their HSE performance. Providing the process and tools to get everyone involved and to facilitate behavioural change –the necessary components of a solution.

Competence Management

SkillsXP is a leading solution for managing personnel information, training & competencies. It can store a wide range of information: employee data, skills, experience, assessments, training needs and other relevant information. SkillsXP helps organisations:

  • Store personnel, skills and competency information in a central location, and use the information from any location worldwide;
  • Plan & budget training classes;
  • Perform employee-assessments;
  • Perform ‘management of change’.

Skills XP is the preferred application used by AdviSafe is competence development programs. As a result, AdviSafe has a long track record in the development and implementation of complex competence management & assurance programs.