Peter Pouwels certified process operator VQ-POH3 (NAM detached ATLAS professionals).

On Junepp 30th AdviSafe got permission from her IV that the VQ-POH3 certificate could be acquired for learner Peter Pouwels of NAM. The qualification route that Peter has followed merits extra attention because of his enormous motivation. He’s what we would call “The icing on the cake”!

Since 2008, Peter works as a process operator for NAM, detached via the agency Atlas Professionals. As VQ-POV3 is a mandatory part of the career path of operators with NAM, he started collecting evidence for his portfolio. The first piece of evidence stems from 2012. At that moment Peter wasn’t officially registered as a learner with AdviSafe, because in principle the VQ-POH3 is only used by NAM for their own staff. This didn’t deter Peter. His aim was to gain demonstrable competence along with his previously obtained VaPro-B training both in theory (‘knowledge’) as well as practice (‘performance’).

Peter underwent 17 assessments, which costed him a lot of free time given the fact that he’s working full shifts. He recognized that this would never have happened, if he hadn’t had the support from his homefront, his collegues as well as his mentor Age Doe and assessor Jacob Salomons.

In 2015, AdviSafe was approached by Peter’s assessor Jacob with the question if we were willing to assess his portfolio, despite the fact that he wasn’t officially registered as a learner. The team of IV’s  consequently scrutinized Peter’s excellent piece of work. From scratch the high quality standard was obvious and that he was an operator, who knew what he was talking about. Together it was decided to make some amendments, which made it possible for Peter to officially complete his qualification path by means of the Experienced Operator Route, as Peter had working experience in the oil- and gas industry since 1989.

In June this year Peter had handed in his portfolio with AdviSafe and he’s now officially competent. The certificate was handed to him by IV Arend Oost on the location ‘Hoogezand’ in the company of Peter’s wife and assessor Jacob Salomons. AdviSafe congratulates Peter with his obtained qualifications and wishes him lots of success in his further career with NAM.


VQ is short for ‘Vocational Qualification’ and is based on an English oriented competency qualification system. The founder of the VQ system was the Scottish Qualifications Authority. VQ-POH3 is a renowned competency roadmap, certified by OPITO. On successful completion, the operator receives the internationally recognized POH3 (Processing Operations Hydrocarbons 3) certificate.