Crisis Management

A fire breaks out in a factory followed by an explosion. One of your ships is adrift and rudderless. This may not seem likely, but what if this situation occurs? Crisis Management can help. Do you know what Crisis Management means for your organisation?

Managing Crisis Situations

Managing and maintaining management of a crisis situation requires proper preparation and clear rules and regulations within your company. Have you prepared a contingency plan? The crisis can be controlled by preparing employees beforehand of their responsibilities during an incident.

How to shape Crisis Management depends on various factors. The size of your organisation and the extent of potential risks play an important role. In addition, much is legally determined, in laws and regulations that are highly susceptible to change.

In the field of emergency response we offer:

  • Advise and develop emergency response organisations
  • Set up and improve emergency response plans and procedures
  • Quick-Scan of emergency response (crisis) organisations
  • Emergency response support (crisis team roles, emergency support service, interim management)
  • Educate, train and exercise emergency response (crisis) organisations (team and role training)
  • Evaluate real incidents
  • Organise large scale exercises
  • Observe and evaluate exercises

 A crisis always comes unexpectedly. Therefore start working on Crisis Management.

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