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Quicker insight into incidents SIM® (Simple Incident Analysis Method)

New ImageWherever people are working with machines, tools or vehicles unexpected energy can be released. When that happens there is a real risk of incidents in which people can get hurt or equipment can get damaged. As we want to avoid this we investigate how that happened. Analysis of incidents will clarify their causes, so that we can prevent reoccurrence.

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Tripod: Consultancy, Training and Software


In your organisation safety is of the essence. Incidents, accidents and breakdowns at any level will harm your continuity and have an adverse effect on your results. In addition, safe working conditions will ensure that your team is working with confidence, achieving higher productivity and the best possible results.

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Tripod DELTA


A Tripod DELTA Survey is a pro-active tool to measure the level of control over your business processes. Tripod DELTA Surveys differ from other, more traditional ways of establishing the state of health of organisations.

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Quick-scan Emergency Response Organisation

Quick scan Emergency ResponseWhat is your level of preparedness? Are you really able to deal with a crisis or emergency? These are questions AdviSafe can help you with. We have launched our new service ‘Quick-Scan Emergency Response Organisation’. This service can be seen as an internal audit of the emergency response organisation and its plans and procedures. Read more

Crisisbeheersing en calamiteitenbestrijding

crisisbeheersing 1De veiligheidsketen

AdviSafe levert diensten voor alle onderdelen van de veiligheidsketen. Proactie en preventie zijn gericht op het wegnemen en verminderen van risico’s en vallen onder de noemer ‘risicobeheersing’. Read more

Flying Squad Incident Investigation & Analysis

fsDespite the great deal of effort that companies put in to preventing incidents from happening, we unfortunately know that we have to take business disruptions into account. Although companies often have an incident investigation structure in place, they experience difficulties in the process of determining the underlying causes within the organisation.
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Safety Culture


“Strengthening Safety Culture; Ambitious, Credible and Practical”

We have chosen a phase -oriented approach for our programme “Improving Safety Culture; Ambitious, Credible and Practical.” The goal, and, in our opinion, also the usefulness of this approach, is that it enables the customer to easily enrol in this process on the basis of his own requirements. Read more

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