Tripod Beta Practitioner, CPT


Our Tripod Beta Training teaches participants the Tripod theory and approach, and how to investigate and analyse operational disturbances. In addition, the supporting software facilitates the analysis of, and reporting on operational disturbances by the investigation team. It helps to explicitly identify underlying causes and take corrective action, improving process and safety performance.

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At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Describe the key elements of the risk management process. Use a risk assessment matrix
  • Understand the decision the decisions necessary to initiate an investigation in accordance with terms of reference
  • Understand the positive and negative aspects of involving various parties in an investigation team
  • Describe the context in which the Tripod Beta methodology fits
  • Use Tripod Beta theory to construct an accurate event, object, agent, (EOA) diagrams.
  • Use Tripod Beta theory to complete the investigation plan by identifying appropriate barriers
  • Understand human behaviour and the human error theory model
  • Use physical evidence gathering and observation techniques effectively to gather information carefully and accurately to secure evidence to test the investigation plan
  • Use interviewing techniques effectively to gather information caringly to secure evidence to test the investigation plan
  • Use sequential time event plotting to organise facts
  • Use Tripod Beta theory to identify immediate and underlying causes and to construct an accurate incident causation tree
  • Understand and apply basic risk factors
  • Identify control and prevention measures/remedial actions to prevent reoccurrence that directly address both the immediate and underlying causes of the incident
  • Facilitate an Incident analysis team to effectively analyse a serious accident
  • Use Tripod Beta methodology to complete analysis of a 'real' incident as part of a team
  • Complete the Tripod Beta Practitioner knowledge assessment
  • Understand the international accreditation process


Participants gain insights and (initial) skills in Incident Investigation and Analysis, including management communication of findings, according to the Tripod Beta Methodology, in a limited amount of time spent.

This training is certified for 4 SKO points by the Hobéon foundation SKO-VK. For more information about the Hobéon foundation click here.