Investigation and Analysis

Your needs

Your operations can be dangerous and you need your workplace to be as safe as possible. In a safe working environment, people will work with more confidence and productivity is improved. Nevertheless, operational disturbances do sometimes occur. Whenever this happens you need to react quickly, form a team and look at what has happened in a detached, non-judgemental and objective way. In such cases it can be a benefit to be supported by someone experienced, who can act quickly, rationally and efficiently, who can guide you to a safer future work environment.

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AdviSafe’s solution

AdviSafe Risk Management has a group of experienced investigators available to assist you in your efforts to learn as much as possible from an unwanted event. AdviSafe has been part of the development team of Tripod Beta in the early 90’s and has since then used this incident analysis tool in many cases in multiple industries all over the world. Although Tripod Beta is our preferred tool, we can also provide investigators who can apply other tools, like SIM, TOP-SET, TapRoot and SIA (Systematic Incident Analysis).
Our clients all have one common goal: they want to learn from their incidents. Companies in various types of industries like Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Shipping, Transportation, Energy, Maintenance, Steel Mills, Finance, Health Care, Food Storage and Government make use of the Flying Squad for their incident investigations and analysis. When you become a client, you will receive a mobile phone number and an e-mail address, so that in case of an incident we can arrange to assist you as soon as possible.

Your benefits

Our service is aimed at providing an experienced investigator within a short time frame (mostly within 24 hrs) anywhere in the world. Our investigator is able to function as a team leader. He or she can help you determining the scope of the investigation, the members of the investigation team, the tasks that need to be carried out and the people that need to be interviewed. The investigator will guide the team through a detailed analysis of the findings, leading to the underlying causes of an incident. The result is an investigation report, containing a management summary, description of the incident, explanation of the provided analysis tool, a detailed analysis of the incident, underlying causes, observations, conclusions and, if agreed upon by the team, recommendations. Our investigator can determine their role in the team based on your demands. This way, the competence of our investigator is added to the available competence in your company. For instance, if you only need an expert to facilitate a Tripod Beta analysis session or to review an existing investigation report, our investigator will adjust to that task.